For the 12 years that we’re at school, we become so used to receiving feedback for the effort that we put into our work.

We would receive a gold star, or a small encouraging ‘good work’ stamp in our workbook to reassure us that we were on the right path. These subtle messages would instil a sense of determination and purpose to keep us going.

But as soon as you hit the scary world of adulthood, these messages stop.

Instead, we’re faced with a series of moments and experiences that allow us to learn and grow and face important life lessons. All of which, we generally face alone.

As human beings, we earn to be recognised and valued for the things we do. But, as we enter adulthood, we tend to forget this.

We get so caught up in our own world. Our own challenges, fears, assets and belongings that we forget that everyone is in the same boat. We forget that we’re all trying to navigate the big bad world out there.

The way we act very much influences the way we feel, so let’s all take a minute to stop and extend some gratitude and thankfulness to those around us and watch the positive effects.

Tomorrow, be the one to give someone a gold star! Whether it be your colleague, your sister or even yourself. Just let them know you appreciate the great job they are doing.

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