In such a stressful and busy time of your life, it is always important to understand what works for you to make sure you’re getting the most of your study.
Below are a few tips to make sure your study time is spent efficiently and effectively. Even if you only take away 2 or 3 tips, it should make for a smooth study period.

Good lighting – good lighting is important to stay focused. Dim lighting or under-lit areas are bad for your eye sight and will tire your eyes quicker, making it harder to concentrate. Ensuring you are in a well-lit and well-ventilated area makes it easier to retain information.

Tidy desk tidy mind – working in a clean space makes for more productive study time. Take 5 minutes before you sit down to remove any clutter and untidiness.

Take breaks – plan to study for 2 hour blocks and then walk away for half an hour. During those breaks in between, do something that will take your mind off studying – go for a walk, read a book or put on some music. During your breaks don’t even think about study. That way, when you do come back to study you are feeling refreshed and ready to go.
Just make sure you don’t end up procrastinating so much that you never go back to study!

Have something to look forward to – having a short term goal that becomes something you will look forward to is important to get through this stressful period. It might be a TV show, catching up with a friend or a sleep-in. What ever it is, make sure it is something that brings you happiness. Think of how you’d feel when you’re doing that activity and put in the hard yards (study) now knowing that you’re going to soon get to that feeling.

Have flash cards – taking half an hour at the beginning of your study period to make flash cards which can be used for the full duration of your study period. Give them to family and friends to test you while you study. Flash cards are a very popular study tool. Simply write the question, equation or comment on one side of a piece of paper, and write the answer on the flip side.

Time of day – find out which time of day you are most productive. By understanding this, you are able to plan your day around when you are at your best.

Have a plan – for example, you might have 3 exams, so plan your study time effectively around this. Work out which exam is first and study that initially. By being able to break down your content makes it easier to absorb the information. To take this one step further, you can even allocation different rooms/areas in your house to study different subjects.
For example – you might study your first exam on your bedroom desk, your second exam on the kitchen table and your third on the balcony. This mentally breaks up the way your brain absorbs information, and you can draw back to feelings or sights you experienced while you were in each area.

If you do implement any of these study tips, let us know what worked for you.

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