Meet some of our inspirational mums who have upskilled for career change! As a mum, the family is often prioritised above all else, and it’s easy to put your own goals and ambitions on the ‘back burner’.

It’s important to take time out for yourself, think about your own goals and ambitions, and identify how you can best achieve them. I know – often easier said than done!

But, if you’re unsure what your goals are, or where to go from here, we’re here to help. We’ve provided some inspiration, by sharing some of our student success stories; real Gippsland mums who have upskilled for a career change!

Meet Loree Liston

Photo - Loree Liston

“I felt it was my time to do something for myself.”

Loree recently completed a Certificate III in Individual Support at Federation Training.

Loree is a stay at home mum who thought she was too old to return to study. “I was very anxious about enrolling.”

Loree started the course 10 years ago but withdrew as the timing wasn’t right for her.

“I felt I was too young and immature, now that I have had 2 children, and am 39, I felt it was my time to do something for myself.”

Loree says that now she has finished, she is glad she was able to overcome her fears.

“The course has been amazing! The teachers Fiona and Salli have both been so encouraging and supportive throughout the entire course.”

Loree says the classes were both informative and fun, whilst preparing her for the workforce. Loree is now looking into further study, and is keen to see where it takes her.

“I’m now interested in pursuing nursing, and see where that fates me.”

Lorre says the course has given her the confidence to continue on with her career choice and would highly recommend the course.

“I would highly recommend the course to anyone interested.”

Meet Amanda Reid

Photo - Amanda Reid

“It’s been a great experience to make a career change at my age.”

Amanda also completed the Certificate III Individual Support at Federation Training. After being self-employed for 10 years, she felt she needed a career change, but was unsure what to do or where to start.

“My son had done Individual Support at Federation Training and was happily employed in Aged Care as a result.”

This inspired Amanda to follow the same career path and study Aged Care too – she is glad she did!

“Federation Training has been encouraging and supportive through the entire process and the teachers, Fiona and Salli, have been wonderful,” said Amanda, “They are passionate and very supportive.”

Amanda says that Federation Training has helped her to open new doors for her future. “I would recommend them (Federation Training) to everyone who wants a career change or to get started in a new career!”

Amanda’s top tips and advice for those seeking a career change:

1.) “Yes! You can do it! Browsing through the Federation Training Course Guide, giving them a call, or visiting their webpage is the first step to learning something new, and you’ve already taken it.”

2.) “It’s never too late to get started or to make a career change. You may even be surprised at just how popular mature age entry has become. You’ll be supported and encouraged by other like-minded people, who are starting something new, just like you!”

3.) “You may find confidence that you never knew you had and feel passionate about a career field that you’d never considered before. You’ll be in a learning environment with teachers who strive to assist you through every step of your new goal.”

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