Meet Annie Lietzau…. Soon-to-be graduate of a Bachelor of Sports Management at Federation University.

Annie’s story is that of most year 12 school leavers. One that starts with a lower ATAR score than anticipated, but ends with success and accomplishment.

Annie has always loved sports, whether it be playing or watching, she grew up around sports and so the progression from secondary school into a career in sports came very naturally to her.

Annie didn’t know exactly what she wanted to study, but she knew that she wanted it to be in the field of sports, and she knew she wanted to graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree (from a university).

When Annie didn’t receive the ATAR score she needed to get into a Bachelor’s Degree, Annie was devastated.

Not wanting to go to Melbourne, Annie leant about her local TAFE provider, Federation Training, who offered her a position in the Diploma of Sports Management.

It was explained to Annie that her career goals are not over – and that if she was to study the Diploma for one short year, she would automatically get credits into the first year of university.

Fast forward a couple of years and Annie takes some time to reflect on her time at Federation Training.

“The class sizes were good and the teaching staff were great and supportive. The classes were fun and interesting. My personal favourite was Injury Management”, says Annie.

“If I didn’t spend that first year at FedTraining, I don’t know what I would have done! I might have had to move into Melbourne, leaving behind my family and friends, which would have been incredibly hard”.

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