For Sarah Coleman studying close to home was extremely important, and she soon discovered a study option that would allow her to study in Gippsland whilst pursuing her passion for all things sports. 

It wasn’t until Sarah discovered the variety of course offerings at Federation Training that she realised she could have the flexibility to live at home in Gippsland, while working and studying.

I have always loved sport and have always been involved in sport growing up,” said Sarah.

“After I completed Year 12 I didn’t have a specific direction I wanted to go in, therefore I went and completed a Diploma at Federation Training.”

Upon completion of the Diploma, Sarah realised this wasn’t the path she wanted to pursue.

“I went back to Federation Training and started looking at other courses which is when I came across the Bachelor of Sports Management.”

Studying the Bachelor has meant Sarah could have the flexibility of living and working in Gippsland, and providing her with a close and personable classroom atmosphere where discussions between her teachers and peers were open and easy.

On top of this, Sarah was given the opportunity to undertake an internship with AFL Gippsland where she gained a lot of experience liaising with people, working in a team environment and organising different aspects of sporting events.

“For me, working with AFL Gippsland was a very valuable experience as it has given me the confidence to walk into a workplace and complete tasks that are given to me, and also interact with a range of different personalities,” says Sarah.

If, like Sarah, you’re wanting to remain in Gippsland to continue your studies once you’ve finished Year 12, but not sure how, drop in to see a Careers Advisor at Federation Training. The careers team can help you work out what you’re passionate and excited about, and assist you to choose a course that is right for you. Best of all, you’ll be able to live, work and study in Gippsland and not have to move to Melbourne.



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