Cam Juha

Completed internship in Semester 1 2016 and is now working full time in Major Projects at Latrobe City Council.

Cam’s previous placements included:

  • AFL Gippsland – League administration
  • Latrobe City Council – Recreation Planning
  • Latrobe City Council – Events

Below are questions answered by Cam, and his manager Luke McGrath at Latrobe City Council

Why did you study Sport Management?
Sport was always an area of interest for my career considering I have participated in numerous sports growing up. Being so passionate about sport, I thought studying this particular degree would keep me involved with something I love whilst being a part of a growing industry. Aside from the sporting aspect, I was also interested in the business/operations/management side of sports and that’s where I see myself working down the track.

How have you changed your life since beginning this Degree?
Throughout the degree I have made big changes in my life. First and foremost was developing a purpose for my career. I have set clear career goals and have identified where I want to go, and how I will get there. Secondly, my personal life has benefitted from the impact the degree has had on me. I started prioritising things in my life more intelligently by looking at what was important and how will this impact on my future. This developed my time management, organisation, communication and people skills. As a result, the changes I’ve made reflect where I stand today with working full time during the day with Latrobe City Council, as well as my coaching role with the Traralgon Swimming Club in the mornings, nights and weekends.

How did you land this role?
My current position, Acting Major Projects Officer was a role that came up online. It immediately got my attention as the skills and experience tied with the job interested me. Seeing as though the position was internal to my existing Events Officer position at Latrobe City, I arranged a face to face meeting with the responsible Coordinator to discuss the roles and responsibilities. After this meeting, and even though this position was ‘left field’ to the degree, my interest only heightened after seeing the benefit from working in project management and contract management, and the experience this position would give me. I also felt I had a lot to offer being enthused, and keen to learn and contribute to a team environment. I submitted my resume and was successful in getting the opportunity to interview which them saw me secure the role.

How did your Degree help prepare you for a professional career?
The degree provided opportunities for me to network and link with many different industry leaders. I was fortunate to complete my work placements in organisations of my choice and where I believed would improve my skills, abilities and experience the most. As a result, I developed strong relationships with both organisations which may one day open future employment opportunities.

In addition, many assignments and projects involved working with real sporting clubs and organisations in developing reports and strategic plans. In groups, or individually, we were exposed to real life situations to work with club committee members or organisations staff members to complete these projects. Under supervision, this experience prepared me with the skills and abilities to work with people in a professional manner, as well as identifying each other’s strengths and weaknesses we need to take advantage of and improve on.
Finally, I believe I was fortunate to have great lecturers and mentors who shared many of their experiences they had encountered, to help prepare us for our careers.

As a new graduate of the Bachelor of Sport Management, what sets you apart from graduates of other degrees?
To my understanding, the experience from working first hand with many sporting clubs and organisations has provided me with real life situations; a speciality I believe would not occur in other degrees. Not only did these experiences enhance my people and communication skills to develop relationships and work together to complete projects and reports, but it improved my network which ultimately gave me the opportunity for work placements and employment.

How do you feel about your future now?
I feel confident about my future and the direction my career is heading. I have clear goals with understanding each step I need to take to achieve them. I’ve been fortunate to meet the people I’ve met and worked with as they have provided me with invaluable experiences which have impacted positively on my career. Onwards and upwards!

Cam’s Manager, Luke McGrath

What skills and knowledge has Cam brought to your team?
Apart from being a master on Microsoft Excel which is handy, he has been very good at keeping a lot of people happy. The community need to support all of the new buildings we are creating, and its not easy to keep everyone happy so Cam has been very good for us in that respect.

As a new graduate, how well is Cam prepared for a professional career?
To be honest I never really thought about Cam’s studies. He has been a great member of the team from the start and he’s very independent. He has been very good at finding out what he needs to know and he performs well.

Why did you choose Cam over other candidates?
He was chosen over a very strong field. He is very confident and he had the right attitude and a desire to learn the skills involved in the job.

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