After a lifetime in the fast-paced nursing industry, Jo-Anne Mudra was at a point in her life where she could continue in this busy and stressful industry, or take the opportunity to commence a lifelong passion of enriching the lives of the aging community.

Jo-Anne began making enquiries into courses at Federation Training.

“Immediately the staff showed overwhelming support and compassion”, says Ms Mudra, “They suggested Leisure and Health as my course of choice based on character basis and my personality. I was already keen on partaking in study, but the support and positive reinforcement I received just fuelled to my desire and enthusiasm”.

Jo-Anne initially found the learning environment overwhelming and a main trigger for an increase in her stress levels, but with the support of the teaching staff, she gained the confidence and capacity to overcome these challenges and adapt to the classroom setting.

“The staff were wonderful, friendly and always willing to lend a hand. This, coupled with the relaxed environment, which proved a welcome pace after my previous inner city study, made my journey with Federation Training comfortable and memorable”, claims Ms Mudra.

Working with very little computer literacy and difficulties navigating the digital world, Jo-Anne found the fortnightly workshops that were set up for students and the teaching staff most valuable.

“We set up regular face to face time with our students as a way to answer any of their questions and concerns during their studies. We find this mode of learning suits our students, as it’s flexible and suits our student’s lifestyles” says Leisure and Health teacher, Angela Bidwell.

Jo-Anne’s has currently found casual employment as a Leisure and Health Assistant and it is her intention to find part-time or full-time employment in the industry in the future.

“I would recommend Federation Training to anyone. Federation Training provides pathways for wide range of courses, bridging the gap for those questioning their future. In my experience the course delivery offered is flexible to suit the needs of the general public.

“There is no barrier at Federation Training. Anyone can apply and will find themselves catered for with great respect and dignity. The staff are wonderful, friendly, and are always willing to lend a hand”, says Ms Mudra.

For more information on the Certificate IV in Leisure and Health, or any of the Health courses offered at Federation Training, call 1300 133 717 or visit

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